Atheism my thoughts


I can and will not accept that people believe in something that causes so much of a intolerance society and people in general. It makes me more angry that almost all based religions are causes war, racism, deaths, hunger, violence, hate, and i can go on with what religion causes more. I identify myself in a world where we do more things on internet as an atheist, because that is what they call me with these thoughts. There is no God and there is no heaven and hell (you can not prove things that don’t exist) Religion is made and used to have order and law. Religion is made by humans that give definitions about bad and good, and every time they edit there religion and there bible. I believe only in things what i can see with my own eyes and what is proved to be exist. And if religion ‘the story’ is real, i have no intention to believe in it. We all are responsible for what we do and there is nobody to blame for what decisions we make. Religion is in my eyes poison, its infiltrated in our politic system, its a dangerous believe that have caused millions of deaths. Atheism means for me living in reality, its not a believe, its a statement to let others know in short words that i don’t buy religious crap.