Covid hysteria

Welcome to today’s hysteria what we called the ‘Corona virus’ what is true and about what are they lying. We simply will not know the true story. Do it comes from a laboratory? Does it comes from animals? or might Poetin has created it, or no wait 5G. There are lot of theories that all make not sense, because its media that write about it. Most common diseases comes from animals. Believe only the one that mass media ignore and mostly there you can find the truth. Its forbidden for example to talk about Covid 19 and 5G, the rumors are that you can be banned form social media when you talk about those theories. What we know is that governments want total control over everything that lives. Its a problem that lot of people still not want to see. Ask yourself and think good how society moves from opinion to opinion. Populism, fear, total control, are ingredients to control the world, and now days its easy to get it.

Think rational and realistic, think always about your own safety, be always prepared for everything no matter the situation others tell you.


Mass media

We all have a problem, we all have to need to follow main stream media. We all depend on what media writes, we believe the story without question it. If one men like to murder woman’s then a lot of men likes to murder woman’s. Media is a very dangerous medium that separate a lot of groups in society. The media has the power to create good and evil, the media creates the public opinion. Its time to think for our self and think further then all media writes.

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Created seksualization

Commercials, TV series, Movies, society in general.

Young people are always beautiful when you see them on television, most porn site’s are showing girls in a way they are underage, but in fact they are 18. The focus on porn is young as possible. Society creates Sexualization young girls must deliver a performance to look beautiful and looking like an adult. If you create beautiful people, then don’t be shocked when people fall for it. We create everything that has to do with sexuality and it might not that intention, but it is for some people difficult to deny that young girls are be looking nicer then a adult woman. 95% of men look at young girls there is no escaping from that, its is how it is. Is it wrong? For me counts that when you do not harm anyone then why does it harm? Abuse is mostly done by sadistic people with no feelings for a certain group or age. The discussion the fact children can consent is a difficult one, me personal think children do not know the impact of sexual interaction so its best to explore for children with there own age. But that does not means sexualization happens on massive scale, an one side we do not want abuse, and the other side they want to be you looking beautiful and promote it almost everywhere.

This is a discussion that i will continue later.

Children the up-coming slaves of capitalism

Predict the future and whats coming up on your mind? Government controlled slaves working for the world economy to make the rich richer. Early signs of fascism today with the Corona virus is a example of how many people are afraid because of a virus and how governments can play with media and people. If you ask me all basic human rights are betrayed by those who says that human healthy and freedom are important. On top there are dangerous people at work with much influence on governments and stock markets. Children are now prepared in a over-protecting environment how to learn to listen and be controlled by authorities. Young children being tested on intelligence to predict where there future might be, and how many the cost or bring money to the state. Its sick, children in these days are in a lot of pressure to perform and brainwashed by there brainwashed parents. Children can not be children anymore, don’ t say they can, because they can not in this sick capitalistic world. We live to live, not to be slaves of the system.


Atheism my thoughts


I can and will not accept that people believe in something that causes so much of a intolerance society and people in general. It makes me more angry that almost all based religions are causes war, racism, deaths, hunger, violence, hate, and i can go on with what religion causes more. I identify myself in a world where we do more things on internet as an atheist, because that is what they call me with these thoughts. There is no God and there is no heaven and hell (you can not prove things that don’t exist) Religion is made and used to have order and law. Religion is made by humans that give definitions about bad and good, and every time they edit there religion and there bible. I believe only in things what i can see with my own eyes and what is proved to be exist. And if religion ‘the story’ is real, i have no intention to believe in it. We all are responsible for what we do and there is nobody to blame for what decisions we make. Religion is in my eyes poison, its infiltrated in our politic system, its a dangerous believe that have caused millions of deaths. Atheism means for me living in reality, its not a believe, its a statement to let others know in short words that i don’t buy religious crap.