The Covid-19 step to total control

How long is it we already in a lock-down? Does it legitimate the numbers of cases and deaths? I have so many questions. And yes I do not trust governments and the world health organization. What is really going on? I will describe my opinion about it, its my view on how i see this. It do not says I’m right, I’m only describe what I feel about this all.

Mass control: We already know that governments want to control his citizens through Internet, through phones, through everything that can be connected to the Internet. Covid-19 is a distraction form what is really happening. We all let them do things that is against all human basic rights, media feed fear in us about a virus that has proven not that danger they say it is. The WHO is founded by the Bill Gates foundation that are mostly infiltrated in lot of health organization in your country. The fact is that they are very buzzy with mass population control trough vaccines. The Bill Gates foundation has told already early in 2015 that we are not ready for a virus outbreak. Early reports about the Corona virus is already dated at 1930,s a mutated virus experimented in a lab in Wuhan (China) a lab where they also experimenting with Ebola that deadly virus that break out years ago in African country’s. Its very difficult to know the truth about all this and I have no power to look from above. It seems like governments takes the opportunity to introduce total fascism to control everything we humans has left. You can not protest about things, you may not standing in a group, in some country’s its not allowed to going on the streets. And for what? A virus? You really think this virus is that dangerous? No, the facts and numbers told us something else. Also there are lot of reports that people that dies get labeled Covid-19 death, but lot of people dies because they already has other healthy problems. Like the flu, not everyone dies because the flu, but because other healthy problems.

Mass population, mass control of everyone on earth, be aware the new normal is that we get a system like China we are not free soon anymore.

To be continued.

You leave me, but im strong

I have received your message and I’m very disappointed what you say to me. You let me down with the message its al my fault, but you was also there. You are not strong enough to be at my side, you are melted in the past that you only blame me for.

There is nothing much to say anymore i have do my part…


This world is not free

This world is not free, this world is not created by god, this world is not created to be a slave from it.

We all must recognize that we are living in a terrible system where we judge each other based on behaving and dress codes. We judge about what we see what media already has judged. The self thinking persons are rare these days, there is so much more when you open your mind, instead to let it lead by others. You can tell, you do not let your thoughts lead by others, how are you so sure that this is not a cliche response to the question? Many people are unnoticed be brainwashed by governments and media, nobody knows anymore the definition of good and evil, and love and hate. How further the indoctrination goes how more complexity it will be. I hate this society based on how they behave and respond to things what others tell them. What is worse? A child that has been killed, or a adult that has been killed? You will not find a answer on that because your mind is bind to what others think and say. The only good answer is ‘both’ its the same. You do not really want a explanation for this, you know. Its a example how we respond in emotions and not with realistic thinking. We can not judge about others mistakes, we can not rely on stories people tell about others.

Socialism is a answer contaminated with communism: Also here counts your judgments about those political views, you only hear stories. Stories are not enough to learn the elements of socialism and communism. Read about it, just do not choose based on what others tell you.

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